Tuesday, July 19, 2011

why James Bond lives alone

As summer winds to a near close (we have two weeks to go) Micah has become increasingly bored with all the stuff that a few weeks ago was still entertaining. Since it is much too hot to go outside and play, the repertoire of indoor activities is getting a bit worn out.

So he decided to spy on me.

Now apart from probably being pretty boring since I don't really do anything interesting, this is a tremendously challenging task because we live in a 1200 square foot home. It is obviously not challenging due to the wide expanse he has to cover while covertly trying to determine what imagined evil task I am up to. Rather, it is challenging because when you can walk the whole house in like 15 steps where does one hide while spying on someone? In an effort to help alleviate his boredom we have mutually agreed that I will play along and over look any suspicious movements around me, thereby allowing him to maneuver himself into better hiding spots.

This has led to my realization that Bond didn't live alone simply because he refused to settle down and was a womanizing rake. Rather, who would want to live 24/7 with a spy? Between the fact that I can't open my linen closet (the one good hiding spot in the house) without encountering a nine year old touting espionage gear, and the part where I am supposed to ignore the dogs who adoringly follow him to his hiding places, I feel like it would be easier on both of us if I walked around with my eyes closed.

While neither of us want the summer to end, I am thinking this may be a long last couple of weeks if I can't come up with some alternative indoor game that will be appealing to a 9 year old with a lot of pent up energy!

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