Thursday, July 21, 2011

kenneling mini-Bond

So you know how I posted earlier about how I am cracking up living with mini-Bond? Yeah, so I snapped a little.

Now before you get all uppity thinking I kennel my kid, I want it noted that *he* actually put himself in there. He also locked himself in.

I might have given him the idea in a moment of dark, gleeful inspiration, but I did not actually do the caging.

Anyhoo, as it turns out this unleashed some creative juices on the kidlette's part. The next thing I know, while i furiously scrubbing my kitchen (it was vile) I hear the words that have made me shudder all week, the words that if I got a penny each time I had heard them in the last month I would be able to retire both the husband and myself to a remote tropical island that we own ...

Mom, you gotta come see this!

Sigh. I asked if it was something that could attack, involved body fluids, or would make me want to cry. The answer was no, so admittedly I took my time getting back to his room. By the time I had finished scrubbing what I had been scrubbing and strolled back there his little idea had blossomed into a little project. He asked me to take a few more pictures of him then he sat on his computer for a solid 30 minutes working.

The end result? This.

So I guess we found a cure to some of the summer boredom. Rather than just writing stories he had a ball making one with pictures. I told him to bust out his own camera (this way mom can get some stuff done too) and see what he can do ... can't wait to see what the little mad genius comes up with.

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