Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a smurf exploded

So in the midst of la purga yesterday (which BTW is an ongoing thing, don't come over and sit still too long, I might throw you in the garbage or Goodwill pile on accident) a I had what looked like a smurf murder scene on my hands.

We had one of those huge bottles of Tide liquid detergent you buy at Costco, and apparently it had a small puncture in the bottom of the bottle. Over about 48 hours or so the little puncture allowed an astounding amount of fluid to slowly seep out all over part of the top of the drier, down the side, under it, and in a nice big pool between the drier and the water heater.

It really did look like someone offed a smurf.

While I lost about a third of the big ass bottle, which is a bummer, I can see he bright side in that my garage smells nice and the drier is much cleaner than I think it has ever been before. But it did get me thinking about how things like this seem to happen to me. I don't know if you have ever seen the commercial (I think it is for AT&T) where the guy shows up for the flash mob early and starts dancing and looking like a moron 30 minutes early because he didn't get the text until it was too late? Yeah, if I tried to do one of those that would so happen to me. I am just lucky like that. I prefer to think that it is some divine effort to make me laugh and find the humor in life rather than I just have bad luck, but some days it is a bit harder to convince myself of this.

So with a really clean section of my garage and less likelihood of the smurf mafia striking again, I start today with less laundry detergent and the hope that whatever little trying-to-make-me-smile lessons life has in store for me today they aren't too hard to clean up.

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