Saturday, October 15, 2011

feelin' a bit badass

Okay so I admit it, I'm feeling a bit badass today.

Yes, I mean more than normal.

After years of *saying* I want to be a writer I finally stopped being a wimp and sent something in to a site I soooo love ... and somehow I got lucky, or the bribes were well placed enough, because they liked it and I can now say I am {ahem} "published."

Check it out HERE :)

P.S. I think I might have figured out how to post from my phone, which is pretty rock star in my humble opinion. I'm having a pretty awesome day!


  1. Aiming Low?

    You ARE a bad ass.

    Followed you here...i like you.


  2. Are you on twitter?

    Please tell me you're on twitter.

    You'd love it.

    I'd love it...if you were on twitter.

  3. Okay, its safe to say were I not happily married, I might have had to propose to you!

    LOL I do have a twitter, but I am pretty, oh how shall I say this ... I am pretty stupid when it comes to twitter as it is really new to me and I just don't get it completely yet. I am one of those catch on to the trends way late kinds of girls. Case in point: I am still kinda rockin' the Rachel hairdo.


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