Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sniff, sniff, proud mom moment

Though not a conventional one I am sure, I am having a proud mommy moment in this picture:

We are having a nightmare of a time with Thing 2's reflux. Poor baby is miserable and we are struggling to find a way to address it best for his sake, but that is another post entirely. Yesterday was a bad day, lots of gagging, spitting up, arching, and crying, and Kellan was having a hard time too.

{crickets chirping}

Okay that was a pathetic attempt at humor, I deal with stress by trying to be funny. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. That, admittedly sounded better in my head. Oh well, moving on, it was a bad day and my poor little guy was pretty miserable the whole time. We had just gotten done eating and I had a documentary about the historic pubs of Ireland on and when he was quiet I was listening to it. Well he wasn't quiet much, and I wasn't paying any attention to the TV, but as I was trying to burp him he suddenly stopped all the yelling and stared intently at the screen. He watched the whole segment very seriously and serenely. When it was over, he began yelling up a storm again.

What was he watching?

The history of Guinness Stout.

Sniff, sniff, such a proud moment in my maternal life.

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