Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Day of School

I think my 9 year old was defying gravity this morning. Seriously, he was floating.

Micah loves school, but is still kid enough to be a little thrilled at the idea of not having any for a while. He has phone numbers for his friends, so really there is little to be missed in his mind. Especially since having a teacher for a mom he knows I will have a reading quota and other "homework" for him weekly anyway -- gotta keep that brain working!

But as I was waving goodbye and pretending to cry because this was our last goodbye as a third grader I yelled out "Have a great last day!" as he climbed in the truck. To this he replied, "You too!"

And it got me thinking.

Usually I am counting down the seconds as much as he is. Its not that I don't enjoy my job, because I assure you no one could teach if they didn't love it to pieces. I love teaching, I love my students. But I assure you on the last day of school your child's teacher is skipping off campus just as much if not more than your child is.

But I am not on campus this year. I am still on maternity leave, until tomorrow that is. I have been a stay at home mom since I went on medical, then maternity, leave in March this year.

Suddenly, the last day of school has a very different meaning. Its not the last day I am at work with students (because I assure you it is not the "last" day of work for the whole summer by any means). Its the last day I am home all day without my oldest being home too. I am excited for him to be done, excited for the fun we will have, excited for him to get the break he needs, but for the first time there is that other element ... its my last day of only parenting one kid during the day, and this one is pretty easy to parent as long as I feed and change him regularly.

Summer is usually a relaxing thing, less work. But I am not so sure this summer will be LESS than what I have been getting used to these last couple of weeks.

So as I watched them drive away I realized that Micah was right, this is my last day too. And its a half day. Better go enjoy it!

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