Tuesday, May 24, 2011

finally, a NOT pregnant post!

It is amazing how easily we forget some things. Like how precious the sound of a newborn's sneeze is; how amazingly calm you feel with your baby snoozing peacefully on your chest; how right everything seems to be with the world when you see that precious smile, whether it be genuine or gas-induced irrelevant to its beauty ... OR how amazingly little one can accomplish with a newborn around!

So it has been a mighty long time since I have blogged here, not an absence of my finding mirth in daily life, just an absence of two handed-typing-time! What time I have had I have tried to devote to setting up blogs for my kiddos, The Adventures of Jellybean for my youngest Kellan and DinoMicah for my nine year old boy-wonder, Micah.

At any rate, the little time I have for this post is fading quick (naps in between feedings are surprisingly short for my littlest linebacker) so I will have to bid you adieu again, but I had to toss something up here to at least address the fact I m no longer pregnant!

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