Monday, March 28, 2011

Shaving ... 9 months pregnant

In trying to maintain my positive attitude, the same one I have increasingly clung to as of late, I found a silver lining while shaving today.

You see, the negavitves of shaving while nine months pregnant hardly bare repeating as they are both numerous and obvious. So even though I mentally counted these while changing positions thirteen times per leg, I did discover an upside of being ready to pop while needing to shave. Ah, yes, the positive side to this is less obvious and really is worth sharing. I could only think of one, so please indulge me with more if you can:

The silver lining to being nine months pregnant while shaving your legs is that with the permanent cankles pregnancy has so graciously gifted you with you have a complete lack of boney, tendony curvature to your feet, ankles and knees. Therefore, you can shave much quicker with zero cuts because your whole damn leg is like your calf -- smooth, flat, and easy to whip through with a razor!

See, there is even an upswing to swelling!

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